Members Activity in 2008

  • Gil Bae, Youngsoon Cheon and Jun Koo Kang, "Intra-Group Propping: Evidence from the Stock-Price Effects of Earning Announcement by Korean Business Groups" forthcoming in Review of Financial Studies 2008.
  • Byoun, Soku, “How and When Do Firms Adjust Their Capital Structures Toward Targets?. Journal of Finance 2008.
  • Jaewon Choi, "Rethinking the conditional CAPM: the Impact of Financial Leverage" and "Issues with Short-window regression in the test of the Conditional CAPM" NYU. 2008 KAFA Ph.D Dissertation Awards.
  • Choi, Nicole and Sias, Richard W.,Institutional Industry Herding(August 08, 2008). Journal of Financial Economics forthcoming 2008.
  • Byoung Hyoun Hwang & Seoyoung Kim, "It Pays to Have Friends" JFE forthcoming 2008.
  • Kwangwoo Park, “Harming Depositors and Helping Borrowers: The Disparate Impact of Bank Consolidation”, Review of Financial Studies, 2008.
  • Jung Min Kim, "Failure Risk and the Cross-Section of Hedge Returns" OSU. Shinhan Bank Award 2008.
  • Chung, Kee H., Elder, John and Kim, Jang-Chul, “Corporate Governance and Liquidity”. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA), Forthcoming 2008.
  • Jirapo‌rn, Po‌rnsit, Kim, Young Sang and Davidson, Wallace N., ”Multiple Directorships and Corporate Diversification”. Journal of Empirical Finance, 2008, Vol 15, 418-435.
  • Sangwoo Lee, Kwangwoo Park, Hyun-Han Shin, "Disappearing Internal Capital Markets: Evidence from Diversified Business Groups in Korea," forthcoming, Journal of Banking and Finance.
  • Julian Atanassov and E. Han Kim, “Labor and Corporate Governance: International Evidence from Restructuring Decisions”, Forthcoming in Journal of Finance
  • Sahn-Wook Huh, Tarun Chordia, and Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, “Theory-Based Illiquidity and Asset Pricing,” forthcoming, Review of Financial Studies
  • Jaemin Kim, James Landi, and Sehyun Yoo, “Inter-temporal examination of the trading activities of foreign investors in the Korean stock market,” Pacific- Basin Finance Journal
  • Rosita P. Chang a, S. Ghon Rhee a,b, Gregory R. Stone c, Ning Tang , “How does the call market method affect price efficiency? Evidence from the Singapore Stock Market, 2008, Journal of Banking and Finance
  • Sumit Agarwala, Sheri Fairclothc, Chunlin Liuc,_and S. Ghon Rhee, “Why do foreign investors underperform domestic investors in trading activities? Evidence from Indonesia, 2008, Journal of Financial Markets.

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