Joint Seminar with Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI)

The annual joint conference was held on December 11, 2017 at the KCMI in Seoul under the title of Human Capital, Innovation and Financial Market. Three KAFA members presented papers.

  • Bae, Kee-Hong, Does the stock market benefit the economy?
  • Jo, Hoje, Employee-friendly practices, R&D investments, and firm value
  • Oh, Seungjoon, Patent litigation and innovation competition

The Joint Conference with Allied Korea Finance Associations (KFAs)

On May 26-27, 2017, the following KAFA members presented their papers at the 2017 Joint Korea Finance Conference in Cheon-An, Korea:

  • Shin, Yoon, Ratings vs. Guarantees: Issuer Choices and their Impact on Bond Yields
  • Kim, Suk-Joong, The real impact of ratings-based capital rules on the finance-growth nexus
  • Kim, Young, How do co-opted directors influence corporate risk-taking?
  • Chang, Kiyoung, Is doing good good to your credit rating? A trust-based hypothesis and global evidence
  • Kim, Yong Cheol, A network approach to optimal portfolio: Application to the Korean stock market
  • Paek, Miyoun, Market timing and selectivity in feedback trading: Retail vs. institutional funds

The Joint Conference with the Korea Institute of Finance (KIF)

The annual joint conference was held on June 1st 2017 at the Korea Federation of Banks building in Seoul under the title of the Financial Markets and Monetary Policies. KAEA and two KAFA members presented papers. The following KAFA members presented their work:

  • Kee H. Chung, Market Volatility and Stock Returns:The Role of Liquidity Providers
  • Jaewon Choi, Mutual Fund Flows and Fluctuations in Credit and Business Cycles

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