Activity 2019

1. The Joint Conference with the Korea Institute of Finance (KIF)

The annual joint conference was held on May 30, 2019 at the Korea Federation of Banks building in Seoul.


Jaewon Choi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “A First Glimpse into the Short Side of Hedge Funds.”
Hyun Joong Im, Pecking University, “The Effect of Stock Liquidity on Debt-Equity Choices.”


Yong H. Kim, University of Cincinnati


Hae Mi Choi, Loyola University Chicago

2. The Joint Conference with Allied Korea Finance Associations (KFAs)

On May 31-June 1, 2019, the following KAFA members presented their papers at the 2019 Joint Korea Finance Conference in Cheon-An, Korea.


Jinsook Lee, Canisius College, “Corporate Cash Holdings and Industry Risk.”
Soku Byoun, Baylor University, “Understanding the Effects of Alternative Cost-of-Equity Proxies on Corporate Investment and Financing.”
Daewoung Choi, Louisiana State University Shreveport, “Investor Relations Executives in the Top Management Team.”
Suin Lee, University of South Florida, “Migration Flows and Stock Return Comovement.”
Hugh Hoikwang Kim, University of South Carolina, “Measuring (In)Attention to Mutual Fund Fees: Evidence from Experiments.”
Seoyoung Kim, Santa Clara University, “Violations of Price‐Time Priority and Implications for Market Quality.”

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